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PWA is a registered charity (#801883) dedicated to helping the community in Hounslow, with special expertise and emphasis on people of Pakistani origin. The Association has vast knowledge in the field of community welfare and is specifically here to help those members of the community who are unable to speak English or are under privileged for any reason. However we are not limited to this and also regularly provide assistance to a large range of individuals with matters that we have experience or expertise with. The Association is often able to provide free advice and information on various matters that may affect such individuals. We can help prepare documents, fill a variety of official forms and to represent them for various purposes (E.G. Local Council, Education, DSS, Police and other statutory bodies.) Further to this we are able to provide advice on immigration and citizenship, housing, benefits, policing and a variety of other matters. The PWA is also one of few charitable organisations that run according to its own constitution and has a committee elected in a democratic manner at the beginning of each year. To become a member please contact us at the office or through one of our executive members. Annual paid membership is only £10 and allows us to help not only you but also many other vulnerable individuals in the community.

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